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The March 25th Meeting will be a hybrid meeting. We will meet in person at Joanna's Cafe 145 Main St. Somersville with up to 55 people in person and we will also provide a remote link via zoom for virtual attendance for members who are unable to attend in person.  In person attendance will require that you contact Commander Mike Craddy for a reservation either by email ( or by telephone ( (860) 559-5325.) No one without a reservation will be allowed to attend in person. The Zoom information will be included in the commander's weekly email letter. Call the Commander or Adjutant if you do not receive one. 

4th Thursday of the month, at 7PM

[2nd Thursday in November & December]

Location: Joanna's Cafe, 145 Main Street, Somersville (unless otherwise posted)

(C) = Dates Confirmed

6:30 FREE PIZZA, Coffee, tea and soda served on meeting night.

Meeting starts at 7PM unless otherwise indicated


Year Month Day Date Pizza Time Meeting Time Location
2021 January Thursday 28 Jan 2021 N/A 1900 Zoom
2021 February Thursday 25 Feb 2021 N/A 1900 Zoom
2021 March Thursday 25 Mar 2021 N/A 1900 Joanna's Cafe  +  Zoom
2021 April Thursday 22 Apr 2021 N/A 1900 Joanna's Cafe  +  Zoom
2021 May Thursday 27 May 2021 1830 1900 Joanna's Cafe
2021 June  Thursday 24 Jun 2021 1830 1900 Joanna's Cafe
$ Meeting occurring on 2nd Thursday of month    
# Meeting occurring at K of C 236 Main St (RT 190) Outdoor Pavillion      
©  Meeting time and location confirmed      
  FREE Pizza, coffee, tea, soda served from 6:30 - 7:00 p.m.